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Responsive Website Design

Web Services by WhiteHat Infotech helps you create beautiful websites for your business, institute, establishment or company. A business or company website can be virtual showroom, online visiting card, online shop or a portfolio of services, whatever the case be websites are your new businesses addresses. A beautiful website is a lasting and in many cases first important impression for your business.

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Ecommerce Website

In today’s world, people prefer to sit in the comfort of their homes and buy things online. Ecommerce stores have been sprouting left and right and there seems to be no end to it. And why should there be? Purchasing things has never been simpler or more efficient. With just a few clicks you get all the product information, prices as well as reviews from other buyers (which is not possible with real life shopping). But with so many online stores on the rise, you need a simple yet engaging layout to appeal to customers of varied demographics.

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Mobile Site Design

With over a billion mobile device users, the businesses today have realized the advantage of investing in building mobile sites and engaging a vast number of users to promote their brands. Whether travelling or sitting at their home and offices, people seem to prefer using their quick, personal and low power mobile devices. If you are looking for a way to target a wider audience then mobile site is the solution for you.

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UX/UI Design

If we want your visitors/users to interact with your system/application/website, you first need to make sure that User Interface of your system is interactive enough so that people can really interact with it. It is not only about giving them all the options to submit their input, but also about making UI catchy enough to make it feel worthy. We make a UI which motivates them to navigate in your desired flow.

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