Desktop Softwares Design and Development Service

Windows Software

We are the leading Windows Application Development company in India to offer diverse technology and maturity of process in our windows app development. Our professionals have extensive knowledge to support windows applications and integrating them with the core operations of your business. We can help you with planning, development, and execution of custom Windows Software Applications and Windows Mobile for your field employees.
Our developers can create software for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the Windows API, Windows internals, and the native Win 32/COM programming model.

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iPhone/iPad Applications

WhiteHat Infotech offers unique competence in the market, providing cost-effective and expert development services for Mac OS platform (Mac Application Development) by using Mac OS X 10.7/Mac Classic technologies. We are experts in building business productivity and data automation/data integration applications for Mac Desktop, to automate or improve existing business processes or streamlining internal operations.

Our key service areas for Mac Application Development are mentioned below:

  • Classic Mac OX to OS-X application porting
  • Classic Mac OS to Windows porting
  • AppleScript, Mac app, Powerplant, Carbon, Mac toolbox API

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Linux Softwares

The Linux operating system is a robust open-source development alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Server environment. As an expert in Linux technologies, Our engineers have been all kind of applications in the Linux environment. Since Linux is an open source – it makes deploying of it on a large server a very cost effective solution. Linux, provides a rich variety of open source applications that can be customized for your needs. Moreover, many popular packages such as SMSTP Servers, DNS Servers, databases etc. are already have proven their reliability and cost effectiveness.

WhiteHat Infotech Systems develops all kind of applications for Linux environment. Our team can make use of various technologies as PHP, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Mono, C++ and others in the Linux environment.

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Cross-platform Softwares

One of the biggest challenges faced by Brands and businesses are software support across various operating system platforms. We are experts in creating cross platform applications which runs on windows, Mac OSX and all the variations of linux operating systems.

We are experts in creating softwares which runs all of the below platforms flawlessly:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

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